Those Awesome Guys

About Us

Founded by Nicolae (Xelu) Berbece, Those Awesome Guys is a small independent video game developing “studio” formed out of people from around the world with the purpose of being the developers and publishers we’d support as gamers.

We try to be the developers we would support as gamers

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Nicolae & Lidia
And our basements are spread across the land
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Alexey Volynskov

Engine Programmer


Originally from that one country the Avengers destroyed. Has a quick-charge port. Only codes in Cyrillic.

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Maarten De Meyer

Engine & Porting magic


Motion Capture actor for Match 3 games. Plays the original DOOM on old DSLRs he finds in his basement. Has a high waffle tolerance.

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Nicolae Berbece

Design, Art & Management


Inventor of the Mocha Caramel Bubble Tea Latte. Runs a 6 minute mile in VR. Flatulent on Tuesdays.

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Lidia Macovei

Concept Artist


Birdperson fan art enthusiast. Covers 96% of the Adobe RGB color space. Carries CTRL and Z keys around in case of emergency.

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Chris Wulf

Publishing Director


Fulltime German, part time indie game enthusiast