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Our bag of tricks

A particular
set of skills

Some of the things we do quite well are Game Design, UI/UX, Sound Design, QA and even though we are based in Romania, we’re really into polish.
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Making it POP

We’re also pretty good behind a box of crayons. Our in-house visual artists have been overdelivering awesome work for what feels like forever and we have all the pretty pictures to prove it.
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is Key

We aim to really connect with our communities. No matter if we’re talking Twitter, Reddit, Discord or TikTok, our community managers have been known to actually engage audiences and sometimes even reply to comments. Revolutionary, we know.
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Internet Famous

As secret societies go, we’re pretty well-connected. We have access to all the influencer coverage you’ll need to make your game stand out. With their help, you’ll be selling your game’s bath water in no time!
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