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Were looking for a Graphic Designer!

French girls, looking for someone to draw us good 😉

We’re looking for a kick-ass Graphic Designer who can make our ugly things pretty and our pretty things useful.

Our kick-ass Designer will produce high-quality graphics for print materials, social media, other digital distribution channels and  websites. In addition to producing high-quality graphics, they will be responsible for the ongoing creation of graphic assets, photo editing, and graphic production assistance for larger scale projects. They should be experienced in creating designs in adherence to visual branding identity guidelines and can intuitively respect or possibly evolve the visual language of a given design.

Who we be

… aaaaaand POST


  • Conceptualizing and designing visuals based on requirements 
  • Creating images and layouts to be used in various applications, either promotional or otherwise using specialized software
  • Working alongside the marketing team on developing concepts for Social Media campaigns, Publishing campaigns etc.
  • Working alongside the publishing team on developing presentation materials for ongoing or potential new projects
  • Create reusable graphics templates; modify and resize existing graphics for various platforms and uses; format materials based on specifications.
  • Produce layouts and designs for website special features
  • Assist with managing digital asset libraries
  • Collaborate with staff across TAG and TAG partners on graphic design needs


  • Experience with publication design and layout for digital and print
  • Understanding of trends and best practices for using graphics to communicate effectively via digital channels.
  • Experience working in Social Media in particular and/or Digital Advertising in general
  • Proficient in using Adobe Creative Suite (especially Photoshop and Illustrator)
  • Being open to feedback and willing to make changes to your designs within short timeframes
  • Passion for graphic design, color management, and basic design principles
  • A love for video games and an understanding of the culture and industry around them


  • Experience in motion design and relevant software (After Effects, Premiere)
  • Experience in video editing and / or animation software or any other relevant software
  • Experience in marketing requirements and assets for video game publishing platforms
  • Proficiency in advanced typography and layout design

How to Apply

We don’t judge based on diplomas, so if you want to catch our attention, show us what you did/what you can do! Send us an e-mail with any info that you think might woo us at (yes it’s a real email address).

Good luck! Keep being awesome!

By in | January 13, 2020