Banners make anything feel legit + Local Move or Die tournament event!

Check out these awesome banners I just printed!



They make the game look so legit! <3

In other news, there was a small tournament of Move or Die in Bucharest yesterday and that was rather interesting. People got to play the game and win some prizes while I was taking notes about the way they played so I can tweak and balance the levels.



And finally, I stumbled upon this video recently, thought it would be nice to post it here. The Indie Game Promoted made a video of Move or Die’s Demo and it was a pleasant surprise that he got all the info about the game right, he did his homework when it came to research.

It’s rather sad that he plays alone and there are no AI Bots in the demo, so that makes the game look slightly depressing. Hopefully he’ll make another video when the game is released and invite some friends over.

Not much progress to show for the past few days because we are in the process of looking for a new programmer. Filtering applications and contacting a lot of people is rather difficult and takes time… I hate sending emails :

That’s about it for this Monday. Don’t forget to be awesome!


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