I learned to sew and I’ve made a Toasty plushie! That, and a new programmer joins the team!

This week has been rather interesting. A lot of things happened however little progress has been made on the actual game.

I was in a camp with a couple of friends, taking a break from the daily game development routine. (sorry for the broken panorama)


Lovely view though, in this camp I learned how to sew and managed to create my first plushie ever, a Toasty plushie of course.

Toasty Plushie

100% handmade (with love of course) check out that professional sewing.


Here is one final beauty shot.

Toasty Glory

And yes, I do sleep with it.

In other news, Omar has left for college in the US, he is currently in Minnesota at St Olaf College.


That means he won’t have enough time to work on MoD/Concerned Joe anymore, so he has to pass the torch. Roughly 3 weeks ago we posted some job offers on various sites looking for programmers that would help us finish these projects and oh boy, a lot of people applied.

After sorting through 20+ applications, talking with a lot of awesome people and carefully going through resumes & projects, we finally made a decision and we’re very excited to have somebody new working on the project! We can’t talk about who this “somebody” is just yet but that will change sometime in the following days. Until then, it’s time to get back to working on the game and get this thing done!

That’s about it for this Monday. Don’t forget to be awesome!


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