This is the fifth entry in our short series of whimsical interviews with current team members of Those Awesome Guys.

Our fifth interview tackles our code artist and russian e-doggo, Alexey.

If you missed our previous interview, Maarten gave some great code cooking tips in our last interview.

Alexey is a no-bs code artist and e-woofer from Varna, Bulgaria.


Who are you?

Alexey Volynskov aka “e-dog”.

Where’re you from?

I’m Russian, but I live in Bulgaria. Moved in 2014.

I’m 5. Explain to me what your job is.

I make computers do things people want them to do. I’m a wizard who makes things move in a video game.

How’d you get to do this for a living?

I was interested in animation, but then I discovered video games, and they were more interesting because they are interactive. So I tried making video games instead, and here I am.

How’d you end up working in video games?

That’s what I wanted to do. So I worked for some company, then co-founded my own, then left and was on my own for some time, then joined TAG.

How did you end up an Awesome Guy?

I saw Nick’s post on Reddit looking for programmers. I contacted him and ended up making a game mode for MoD as a test. That was Hat Chase.

When are you going to get a real job? Like a doctor or a lawyer?

Well, if some people are stupid, it’s their problem. I just try to stay away from people like that, so it won’t become my problem too.

If you didn’t make games for a living, then how would you be putting your mind off the inevitability of death?

I could make animation, or compilers and new programming languages. I’m also interested in math and quantum mechanics.

Infinite minerals and vespene gas, what would your ideal game be?

I would make a bunch of different games actually. But let’s say an RPG where you only get XP by completing the goals you declared yourself. The amount of XP depends on how hard is the goal when you declare it. Only 4 goals maximum at a time. NPCs don’t give you quests, only hints.

Longest ‘/played’ on any game ever?

About 2000 hours on Kerbal Space Program. It’s kinda boring after all that time, so I don’t play it anymore.

Favorite voice line or sound effect in any game?

No idea. I usually like when sound effects are well balanced, not when something stands out.

In an escort quest, should the NPC walk faster, slower or at the same pace as your character? Why?

Same pace, essentially following you, but nudging you to go in the right direction when you stop. Because it’s the least annoying.

How did you rate your last Uber driver?

Never rode in one.

Draw a chicken.

Straight and to the point, just how I like ’em! Thanks e-dog!

Tune in next time for a special guest.

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