Hey there!

So many of you might be wondering what we’ve got up our sleeves for the immediate future. While the entire team has been busy polishing up the tons of game modes, characters and other shenanigans bound to be released in the upcoming Winter updates, there were certain moments when we decided we might also need to take a step and look through some of the features that have been part of the game for almost 2 years since release.

One of the things that we’ve been wanting to dust off and also give a good scrubbing was the Steam-based inventory integration that we have up and running for the game at the moment. As you might be aware, the current system has you fully unlock modes, characters and mutators by playing the game (jeez, I know, right? Who would’ve thought!), and then stores them for you outside of the game, within the Steam Marketplace inventory system.

Now, meetings were had, voices were raised and donuts were consumed, but in the end we reached a unanimous conclusion that this sort of system was just not intuitive or fun enough for Move or Die anymore. Thus, it needs to pack its bags and move on.

Now, you might be asking what this means for you and your vast collection of Pootpoots. While on the team’s side this change is pretty massive, you guys shouldn’t feel (almost) a thing! A new freshly designed in-game inventory system will be taking its place, making the whole experience easily accessible and much more enjoyable for those playing the game.

An issue that immediately came to mind was the randomness of the reward system. While we still consider random unlocks to bring an element of excitement to the game, the new system will solve the issue of duplicates, and you also won’t lose any value from existing duplicates.

This means you won’t be able to hoard hundreds of that one character you like so much. On the other hand, you also won’t have to spend 500 hours praying for Chainsaw Backstab.

There also won’t be any downtimes or resets during this transition. What this means is that once the old system is out, the new in-game system will be implemented at the same time and you won’t lose any of the progress and unlocks you have in the game, up to that point.

All the Move or Die related items that you currently have attached to your Steam account will instantly be converted to the same items within your new in-game inventory before the end of the year.

This change is part of a new system where progression is achieved by playing and where every aspect of the game is easily accessible and understandable by all you awesome people who play it.

Thanks for that btw :3



  • Garrett Michael Bigelow says:
    December 5, 2017 at 6:06 am

    I like some the new inventory ideas but can you guys keep integration with Steam Inventory and Community Market? I like being able to trade items with other players with Steam Inventory features.

  • Any new game modes? or anything about mod for creating new game modes?

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