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We are looking for our own Influencer (Manager)

So here’s the thing, let’s work together…

Those Awesome Guys is looking for a full-time, fully-paid, Community and Influencer Manager to join their team in Bucharest, Romania. Their main responsibilities would include getting to know and helping to grow the communities around TAG games, while also bridging the gap between us and a variety of people that make awesome things we and thousands of others like to watch. They would also lay the groundwork for a weekly livestream series.
The ideal candidate should be comfortable working with live and pre-recorded video, have the natural ability to keep the spaghetti in their pockets while on-camera and prove to us there’s more to community building than Fellow Kids memes.

About Us

In 2016 we launched a game called Move or Die, which contrary to our parents beliefs, gave us the possibility to leave their basements and move into brand new ones of our own. It even allowed us to stick some fingers in the publishing pie with the release of Monster Prom in 2018 and after looking for better candy-related metaphors, we decided to up our game and expand.
Our immediate plans for the future include more Publishing, more Development and better hiring ads, almost all of which will require a community and influencer manager to work the scenes both on and off camera.

Aaaaaaaaaand link.


  • Develop a new, regular livestream format focusing on Those Awesome Guys as well as games we make and publish
  • Plan and execute content creator outreach, communicate with them regularly and keep up the connections
  • Work closely with the deep learning AI’s from the marketing team to find new approaches when interacting with the community
  • Be proactively involved with folks who like us on Steam forums, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, T̶i̶n̶d̶e̶r̶, make them laugh, cry and plan fun activities


  • Experience creating and producing livestreams and videos
  • Non brick-like personality on-camera
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills (aka be older than 5)
  • Proactive; must be able to work independently and autonomously, just like the robots that will replace you
  • Proficient in Streaming Software, Google Suite, Discord, Dropbox, Trello, Asana and Steam
  • Must be local to Bucharest, Romania
  • Familiarity with the content creator space (YouTube, Twitch, Other)
  • Experience managing a gaming community
  • Play games? … maybe


  • Experience within the content creator space as a broadcaster, host or video creator
  • Strong pre-existing relationships within the content creator community
  • Ability to travel to support community events and trade show booths
  • Knows more than just scrolling on Reddit, Imgur and other places where people hang


  • Free Snacks & Beverages, sometimes, almost never though
  • Get to work with a small team where you can influence things directly?
  • Theoretical work hours; we care more about your work than the time you clock
  • Make your own schedule – excluding days when we actually have a schedule
  • Always have a selection of things to work on, rather than only one task

How to Apply

We don’t judge based on diplomas, so if you want to catch our attention, show us what you did/what you can do!
lease send us an e-mail containing your resume and any other info that might woo us at (yes it’s a real email address)

Good luck!

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We need an awesome QA person!

So here’s the thing, let’s work together…

We’ve got a full-time, fully-paid, QA position available for a Bucharest-based human being endowed with at least 6 months of experience in front-end testing. Besides an office-adjacent supermarket, free coffee and often free booze, we offer the full extent of our wits, charms and Nerf gun collection.

About Us

Aaaaaaaaaand link.


  • QA experience
  • Great verbal and written English skills
  • Analytical thinking
  • Inuit throat singing
  • A strong desire to work in the gaming industry
  • Having a soul, i.e. being ok with pets @ the workplace

Extra Shit

  • Back-end testing experience
  • Experience with console testing
  • A macabre sense of humor


  • Spot: Master of the QA arts
  • Type: Full-Time
  • Location: Bucharest Romania
  • Duration: Indefinite (we exchange meal tickets for your soul)

How to Apply

If you feel that the requirements stated above are up your alley, please send us an e-mail containing your resume and any other info that might woo us at (yes it’s a real email address)

Good luck!

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Item System Overhaul | Move or Die

Hey there!

So many of you might be wondering what we’ve got up our sleeves for the immediate future. While the entire team has been busy polishing up the tons of game modes, characters and other shenanigans bound to be released in the upcoming Winter updates, there were certain moments when we decided we might also need to take a step and look through some of the features that have been part of the game for almost 2 years since release.

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The games on fire and we have a really small extinguisher

Nick’s been getting ready for his close-up for a few months now and has started putting up Devlogs about Move or Die again. The first short episode covers the fix for one of the most reported bugs in the game, as well as  Nick’s general thoughts on moving forward with bug-fixing and content creation for Move or Die.

Check it out, it’ll take you less than a poop’s time.

Those Awesome Interviews: Lidia

Since Those Awesome Guys was founded back in 2012, its internal structure never really resembled any accurate definition of a “team”.

With only a handful of people joining and leaving every now an then, collaboration was done throughout shorter or longer terms, but most of the time it was just Nick by himself.

After the release of Move or Die in early 2016, it was pretty clear that the team was long overdue for a much needed expanse, so Nick started to look into various avenues of recruitment.

Mostly posting silly things to reddit and seeing who replied, or foraging through the vast fields of modders until he found something edible, he eventually started filling out positions. These stemmed from the natural needs the studio started to have, rather than a pre-filled out game development studio template.

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