Updates on the “Rat Race” game mode, local conventions and in-game icons!

Sugar Rush

Remember the “Rat Race” mode I mentioned last week? It has come a long way, after a few days of work, it’s now called “Sugar Rush” and it’s all about candies!

I’ve made assets for the candy dispensers and animated everything, also created and added sound effects on top of many many tweaks and optimizations to make the whole mode feel better.

Below you can see a video of the current – work in progress – state of the mode where I play on the same keyboard controlling 2 characters (hence the retarded movement).


Just like every year, Nijikon was hosted this month, in the past weekend. The anime/gaming themed convention is the perfect place to see people play Move or Die and have a great time!

I grabbed my portable PC made specifically for occasions like this and I’ve spent most of the weekend talking with awesome people and making a big list of bugs that I noticed after watching tons of people play the game.

Back in 2013 “Move or Die” wasn’t a thing, we just added 3 more players to “Concerned Joe”  a few days before the convention to see how it would feel… (only having “Bomb Mode” as a game)

A year later, it’s a full game with many more features and game modes, about to be released on Steam… it’s nice to look back.


Those metal bars look lovely, I know 😀

Later that day I managed to get my hands on a projector and this happened.




And finally you can see below an image showcasing all the icons I created for the game in the past month or so (and I’m still not done yet…)


That’s about it for this Monday. Don’t forget to be awesome!


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  • after a few days of work, it’s NOT called “Sugar Rush” and it’s all about candies!

    Anyway, this look like a cool game mode.
    What are these PCMR and Pixelated Joe icons for? Is it for a “Small gui(Monitor)/Big gui(TV)” ?

    • Oops… fixed the typo, was supposed to be “Now”

      haha good job noticing the PCMR icon, it’s “rejected” though, I wasn’t happy with how it looked, it was meant to appear in the “video settings” screen. The pixelated Joe took it’s place

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