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The beginning of MoD & Game Modes

Looking back on the history of Move or Die, how everything started and what to expect in the future!

We are slowly approaching a point where we’ll be able to play a proper online match with all the game modes. Everything is slowly coming together and hopefully by next week, we’ll already have a fully working build with networking.

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By in , | September 15, 2014

Networking & Background Assets

Networking is totally a thing now! Testing the connection between 2 clients and showcasing the new background assets.

We have some networking progress! After a few weeks of work things are starting to shape up. Right now we have player movement synced across multiple instances of the game, as well as game modes and levels.

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By in , , | September 8, 2014

Game Soundtrack, more than just a song

The power of the soundtrack within in a game, dynamic transitions.

Personally, I’m very intrigued by music in video games and how it could be used to re-enforce what happens on screen (or even give you a clue of what to  expect even though it’s not on screen yet). I’m not talking about how catchy a song is, (or about dance/rhythm games), but rather how music is used to enhance the interactive experience.

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Moving from A to B way WAY faster. Teleporters for the first time in Move or Die!

When it come to Move or Die, the gameplay is completely different from Concerned Joe’s, therefore some tiles must change their behavior. The first ones to do this are the Temp Tiles, which now re-appear after a short while. This allows the player to take a risky route, rendering his chaser useless for not being able to follow.

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By in , | June 30, 2014