The new, improved death animation & effects + the awesome new title screen (made in 3D) that will be featured in the following videos!

Death Effect

I realized I forgot to post about this since it has been implemented in the game. A while ago we spiced up the death effect when a player bites the dust.

We added a short powerful screenshake combined with a chromatic aberation impulse. This makes the act of eliminating other players way more juicy and satisfying.

On top of that, it also makes it easier to know when somebody else is eliminated even though you weren’t specifically paying attention to that player (or to the audio).

This is how the new death effect looks like

Title Animation

Remember the 3D title I made last week and that awesome painting by Kawiku from the previous Misc Monday?

It took me about 2 days of work but I managed to combine them in a pretty awesome trailer-like ending screen. I’m pretty happy with how this turned out <3

Check it!

Even though this is like a 4 seconds video, it took half a day of 3D modelling, more-time-than-it-should-take of editing and several hours of rendering.

Here is an image roughly mentioning all the animated details from this composition.

Animated Title Details

That’s about it for this Monday. Don’t forget to be awesome!


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