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Those Awesome Interviews: Lidia

Since Those Awesome Guys was founded back in 2012, its internal structure never really resembled any accurate definition of a “team”.

With only a handful of people joining and leaving every now an then, collaboration was done throughout shorter or longer terms, but most of the time it was just Nick by himself.

After the release of Move or Die in early 2016, it was pretty clear that the team was long overdue for a much needed expanse, so Nick started to look into various avenues of recruitment.

Mostly posting silly things to reddit and seeing who replied, or foraging through the vast fields of modders until he found something edible, he eventually started filling out positions. These stemmed from the natural needs the studio started to have, rather than a pre-filled out game development studio template.

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Game Feel Talks and Stickers

Attending events around the country, talking about game feel and planning to print some stickers!

Game Dev Talks

In the past week I’ve been attending various game development events in (almost) the other corner of the country (Iasi). I had a talk about “Game Feel” that I will probably upload online sometime in the following weeks.

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