Some UI work regarding the game modes screen and the beginning of a new game mode!

New Rules Screen

Still doing UI work… I redesigned the “Game rules screen” from which you can change the game modes played and the number of rounds required to win the match.

Until now, the game modes were simply displayed as check boxes, only showcasing their name and no description what-so-ever… That’s pretty shitty, the only place where you could find more about a particular game mode was it’s 5 seconds intro showcasing a little tutorial animation and telling you how it plays.

I redesigned the buttons so they are not check boxes anymore, they now feature the name, description and icon of the game mode. (Ignore the dummy descriptions and icons from the image below)

Also when you highlight a game mode, it’s tutorial animation appears on the side next to additional information such as “how many levels are available for this mode”.


New Game Mode | Rat Race

Not really happy with the name “Rat Race” but this is the first game mode we started implementing after many months of not really having any new content.

It’s currently using placeholder assets so you probably won’t be able to understand much from the video below.

Make sure you pause to read the explanation.

That’s about it for this Monday. Don’t forget to be awesome! :3


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