Attending events around the country, talking about game feel and planning to print some stickers!

Game Dev Talks

In the past week I’ve been attending various game development events in (almost) the other corner of the country (Iasi). I had a talk about “Game Feel” that I will probably upload online sometime in the following weeks.

I had a great time meeting a lot of awesome fellow developers and people passionate about game development, hence why I forgot to write the past week’s Misc Monday post, oops 😀

Anyway, here is me looking all professional during my talk:


The whole thing was super fun because instead of showcasing the results of the things I was talking about using images or videos, I did it by using the actual game. Some people from the audience got controllers and I used the game as a slide in my presentation to showcase the changes in real time, while people from the audience were playing it! That was awesome <3

And also me talking about games at a game dev meet. And yes, I made that “Game Dev” drawing on the right there… very pro, I know.

Game Dev Meet

Again, thanks for everybody who showed up, it’s awesome to talk about games with other people passionate about the same thing! Will try to be more active with the game dev community from now on 😀

Move or Die Stickers

In other news, I’m planning on getting some stickers done. I’ve been working on some basic concepts and I need you guys to pick your favorite before I start printing.


Which one is your favorite?

That’s about it for this Monday. Don’t forget to be awesome!


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