Fan art is amazing! The superb drawing made by Kawiku and a preview of the 3D title I’m working on.

Background Assets/ Level Prettyfication

In the past week I’ve been continuing the work on the “replacement of background assets” task.

Here is another preview of the Color Craze level this time.


3D Title

Meanwhile, I’ve took a break from placing bg assets, and I started modelling the game’s title in 3D for an upcoming trailer. It’s still not done but here is how it looks right now.

I still have to make the “Die” part with splinter-like cracks just like the 2D version. Planning to have an awesome animation with this at the end of the trailer.



Networking wise we’re at the point where the work is rather boring and we have to take care of small stuff that can’t be represented through awesome flashy interesting gifs 🙁

Currently we’re working on handling the client and host disconnections through various methods, ranging from “the player went back to main menu” to “there was a blackout and the player’s computer exploded”

Accounting for unpredictable things is tricky… We still hope to have a working pseudo-polished build by the end of the month and start testing.

Awesome Fan Art

And finally, saved the best for last. Kawiku from DeviantArt poured her talent into an awesome digital painting for Move or Die that could be considered fan art.

I made a short animation of the painting’s evolution to showoff her hard work, from the first sketch to the final thing.

I’m super happy with this and I’ve already made it my wallpaper <3

Make sure you guys check out the final piece Here and let her know how awesome it is!

That’s about it for this Monday. Don’t forget to be awesome!


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