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Networking & Background Assets

Networking is totally a thing now! Testing the connection between 2 clients and showcasing the new background assets.

We have some networking progress! After a few weeks of work things are starting to shape up. Right now we have player movement synced across multiple instances of the game, as well as game modes and levels.

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By in , , | September 8, 2014

Teleporter Time Lapse & New UI

Watch me draw and animate a new tile form scratch + Lobby UI redesign!

This Monday will be a bit short on content seeing that we are doing some optimization work right now. This means that we don’t really have any new content to show, so instead I prepared a time lapse of my drawing the teleporter tile introduced last week.

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By in , , | July 7, 2014

AI and Fan Art

AI Bots path finding and amazing fan art by Kristina Toxicpanda!

We’ve been working on AI in the past few days. We managed to implement path finding by using A* with a bunch of other tweaks in order to get it to be able to maneuver through the level. Right now we have an AI Joe that can go (almost) anywhere you click.

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