Continuing with documenting the development of Party mode…

I started doing some rough prototypes of the score screen. This screen would appear after each minigame showing the scores of each player.

These are the 4 mock-ups I came up with:

ss (2014-03-19 at 04.42.12)

After talking with some other developers and laying down the pros and cons of each, we decided that “Towers” would be the best one to go with.

Each player would start out without a tower, and when you start getting points, you get your own tower. The players are organized in descending order from left to right and each tower changes it’s size based on the score number.

the #1 player is happy and gets an awesome hat or something similar while the last player is visually sad overall bummed, all the other players are looking at the #1 and in case of ties, the Joe’s with the same score give each other mean looks.

In terms of in-game progress, we made the “Pary Mode” button go to a party mode screen from which you can pick the number of players and you can click “start party” and it will randomly pick a mini game from an array and load it.

Each mini game has it’s own title and description that shows up for a couple of seconds after it’s initiated.


~ Xelu

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