Networking is totally a thing now! Testing the connection between 2 clients and showcasing the new background assets.

We have some networking progress! After a few weeks of work things are starting to shape up. Right now we have player movement synced across multiple instances of the game, as well as game modes and levels.

Behold the amazingness of networking! (Keep in mind that this is heavy work in progress)

The next step is to account for disconnections and sync various other small things such as animations, timers, the winner’s crown, etc…

It may seem like a really boring thing when we talk about it… but seeing 2 separate instances of the game running in sync over the network is rather exciting for a developer.

Meanwhile, I’m optimizing, re-making and re-placing some background assets. In the transition from Concerned Joe to Move or Die, the background assets remained quite big in resolution, and since the camera is zoomed out most of the time in MoD, it’s useless to keep them at such a high resolution.

Also I’m trying to add slightly more color into the background assets as well as animate some of them to make the environment a bit more interesting.

You can see below a before and after comparison.


That’s about it for this Monday. Don’t forget to be awesome!


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