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The games on fire and we have a really small extinguisher

Nick’s been getting ready for his close-up for a few months now and has started putting up Devlogs about Move or Die again. The first short episode covers the fix for one of the most reported bugs in the game, as well as  Nick’s general thoughts on moving forward with bug-fixing and content creation for Move or Die.

Check it out, it’ll take you less than a poop’s time.

Teleporter Time Lapse & New UI

Watch me draw and animate a new tile form scratch + Lobby UI redesign!

This Monday will be a bit short on content seeing that we are doing some optimization work right now. This means that we don’t really have any new content to show, so instead I prepared a time lapse of my drawing the teleporter tile introduced last week.

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By in , , | July 7, 2014