Were looking for a Community Developer!

Help us random person on the internet, you’re our only hope!

We’re searching high and low for someone willing to take on a full-time, fully-paid (in human currency), Community Developer contractor position and join the Those Awesome Guys ranks.

Their main responsibilities would include getting acquainted with all the communities built around TAG games and, in due time, helping them grow and expand to other potential platforms. Besides that, they’ll also be in charge of spearheading our projects into the minds, TikToks and streaming schedules of our partner content creators, as well as building and maintaining relationships with their communities and home platforms.

Who we be

… aaaaaand POST


  • Cooperate with the Marketing and Social Media team to lay the groundwork for new communities based on new TAG projects
  • Research new trends and technologies with which to better interact with our fans and followers
  • Keep our already established communities engaged by responding to comments and queries on all social media profiles within the TAG ecosystem
  • Build, maintain and entertain relations with content creators and their communities
  • Maintain and moderate our Discord servers


  • A passion for talking, networking and socializing (there’s gonna be a lot of human interaction in this, so you better be ready)
  • Past experience dealing with communities in the video game industry. (Yes, raid leading in MMOs does count as experience)
  • Past experience in community building (Yes, volunteer work does count, as long as it is relevant to what we do)
  • Proficient understanding of how to interact with communities on general social media platforms (Especially Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Tumblr etc)
  • Proficient understanding or willingness to learn how to interact with communities on special social content platforms & forums (TikTok, Steam Forums, Reddit, Imgur, 9GAG etc)
  • Familiarity and understanding of video game industry content creators, their work and communities (especially Twitch and Youtube)
  • Some prior experience with community management tools (Agorapulse, Tweet Deck etc)

How to Apply

We don’t judge based on diplomas, so if you want to catch our attention, show us what you did/what you can do! Send us an e-mail with any info that you think might woo us at  welackahrdepartment@thoseawesomeguys.com (yes it’s a real email address & no, we actually have a human being in charge of HR).

Good luck! Keep being awesome!

By in | July 10, 2019

Item System Overhaul | Move or Die

Hey there!

So many of you might be wondering what we’ve got up our sleeves for the immediate future. While the entire team has been busy polishing up the tons of game modes, characters and other shenanigans bound to be released in the upcoming Winter updates, there were certain moments when we decided we might also need to take a step and look through some of the features that have been part of the game for almost 2 years since release.

Read more…

By in | December 4, 2017

The games on fire and we have a really small extinguisher

Nick’s been getting ready for his close-up for a few months now and has started putting up Devlogs about Move or Die again. The first short episode covers the fix for one of the most reported bugs in the game, as well as  Nick’s general thoughts on moving forward with bug-fixing and content creation for Move or Die.

Check it out, it’ll take you less than a poop’s time.